b. 1986, HK.

Photo By:   Larry Wright

Photo By: Larry Wright



 Sean Davis
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Sean “Shizzie Who” Davis, is a barber, videographer, photographer, husband, father and, all around creative who leaves no job unfinished.

Shizzie developed a keen eye for detail, as a youth spending countless hours drawing to occupy his idle time. This became his escape while growing up in the lively streets of West Philadelphia.

“As a kid I started sketching and drawing pictures, which evolved into a passion for computer arts. This has all played an integral part in sharpening my perspective, whether cutting hair, shooting videos or photography. It all comes down to your eye and, how well you can execute what you visualize in your mind”.

In 2009, tired of working dead end jobs and, knowing all to well how easy it is to end up on the wrong path, coming from the inner city, Shizzie decided to enroll in Empire Beauty School to receive his license in cosmetology. This proved to be a life transforming decision. Upon completion, Shizzie made pit stops, working at several Barbershops and salons. While doing this, he was also focused on expanding his experience and, building a loyal clientele. Eventually, he found his home as a mainstay in Main Attraction Salon, where he continued perfecting his craft and, building his name as one of the most respected and renowned barbers in the Philadelphia area. Shizzie has used his influence and skills to give back to the community, which he credits for molding him. This has remained a longstanding passion for him and, he plays a prominent role in the annual Barbers Who Care program.

Shizzie cuts hair in a style all of his own, and his clients trust his innovation, whether its experimental or classic. With each stroke of the blade, Shizzie’s cuts reflect his aspirations; his inspirations; his struggles and, his growth. All of these qualities have played a part in developing him into the artist he is today.